Quickly register wine, beer and spirits brands online with PRO

Product Registration Online (PRO) is an online submission and approval system for state alcohol agencies. Through PRO, agencies are able to process product registration applications more quickly and beverage alcohol producers are able to get their labels approved and products to market faster.

PRO not only streamlines work for your compliance team, but it also lets your sales and marketing team hit the ground running the second a new product registration is approved. PRO allows for efficient communication between you and the state, while providing increased visibility and tracking throughout the process.

How does PRO work?

  1. Create a registration. PRO is integrated with the TTB so adding label and product details is automated and fast. You'll be able to submit your registrations in a matter of minutes.
  2. Submit electronically. Your application, along with any state fees, is submitted directly to the state agency's PRO account with the click of a button. Here they can review all details, leave comments and approve your registration. No printing, no mailing and no waiting for you or the state agency.
  3. Receive direct approval. When the application is approved, you will receive an email notification and an electronic certificate of approval confirming that you can begin selling your product immediately.
  4. Easily edit. If the application is denied or requires additional information, you can correct the problem and re-submit electronically without having to redo the work you've already completed.
  5. Stay organized. Your dashboard will display all of your approved, pending and denied registrations.

Participating States

PRO label submissions are available for Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Washington. Note that for four of those states—Alabama, Hawaii, Iowa, and Washington—PRO submissions are transmitted via email. In the cases of the other states, the product registrations are submitted via those states’ online portals. Approvals in these states are subject to state statutes and regulations and therefore may not be consistent with the standard PRO experience.

Find More Answers

Search our Knowledge Base to find answers to additional frequently asked questions about PRO registrations, account set-up and billing, and much more. Note that this link will take you to the website of our parent company, Sovos.

Find everything you need to know about state-by-state wine, spirits and beer distribution rules—and DtC wine, spirits, beer and cider shipping rules, too—courtesy of ShipCompliant.

Want an even more seamless solution?

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