PRO - the fastest way to register your wholesale products

PRO not only gives your compliance team some much needed time back in their days, it also lets your sales and marketing team hit the ground running the second it's approved. Plus it dramatically reduces the amount of paper generated, so your office is just as sustainable as your vineyard.

Express fees in participating states:

  • Alabama: Free
  • Arkansas: $5
  • Colorado: $5
  • Hawaii: Free
  • Illinois: Free
  • Iowa: Free
  • Kentucky: Free
  • Louisiana: $5
  • Minnesota: $5
  • New Mexico: $5
  • Oklahoma: $5
  • South Carolina: $5
  • South Dakota: $5
  • Washington: Free

Pricing FAQ:

Q: How much does it cost to use PRO?

A: The express fee for PRO is $5 to $10 per label registered, depending on the state. See above for details.

Q: Do PRO fees include state registration fees?

A: No. State registration fees vary from state to state. PRO will collect the state fees on your behalf and automatically submit them to the state.

Q: Do I get a refund if my registration is not accepted by the state?

A: Absolutely. A full refund will be made to your account if your registration is rejected by a state.